Campfire Legends: The Babysitter Slider Puzzle

I detest slider puzzles and try to avoid them at any cost, however, since the Campfire Legends games don’t make it easy to skip puzzles, the Pirate slider game usually has to be completed. This really means that it is hard for someone to give a solution to every possible configuration. It could be done, but it would take a huge amount of effort.

Fortunately, every time you press the Reset button, the tiles are different than the previous time, so, if you have a bit of patience, continue clicking on the Reset button until the tiles look like this:

Try to reset the puzzle to this configuration
(Click on images for larger views)

Next, you can either number the tiles on paper (draw a 3×3 grid) and number the tiles 1 through 9, like this:

Number tiles from 1 through 9

or just follow the images lower down the page.

If you numbered the tiles, here is the solution:

  • 4 Up
  • 5 Left
  • 6 Left
  • 9 Up
  • 8 Right
  • 5 Down
  • 2 Down
  • 3 Left
  • 6 Up
  • 5 Right
  • 2 Down
  • 1 Right

Otherwise, just follow the images below:

Move tile 4 UP

Move tile 5 LEFT

Move tile 6 LEFT

Move tile 9 UP

Move tile 8 RIGHT

Move tile 5 DOWN

Move tile 2 DOWN

Move tile 3 LEFT

Move tile 6 UP

Move tile 5 RIGHT

Move tile 2 DOWN

Move tile 1 RIGHT

Completed Pirate slider puzzle