Shivers Pot Matrix

Shivers is an older game but one of my favorites. If you happen to have it, this matrix may make it a bit easier to keep track of where the pots, lids, and Ixupi are located. Once you’ve found a lid, put where you found it in the Lid Found In column, when you’ve found a pot, put where you found it in the Pot Found In column, and when you find the matching Ixupi, circle where you found it in the Location Found column, then circle where you find the Ixupi in the Ixupi Found In column. The Talisman and Represents columns are there to help you identify which lid or pot you’ve found.

For example, the Ashes lid is always in the Office so the Lid Found In column is already filled in. When you find the Ashes pot, put the room you found it in in the Pot Found In column. When you locate the Ixupi, circle where you found it, either in the fireplace in the Office or the cremation ashes in the Funeral Rites room. Now, when you’re ready to capture a specific Ixupi, you know exactly where to find the lid and pot you need for that Ixupi.

Download in PDF format

Small version of pot matrix