Simple Pillow

This is a quick tutorial showing how to use the Terrain Editor in Bryce to create a simple pillow.
Create a symmetrical lattice.
Click on the ‘E’ button next to the lattice to open the Terrain Editor.
In the Terrain Editor, click on the button next to ‘New’ to delete the current terrain and start a new one.
Click on the Grid and change the grid size to ‘512-ultra-fine’
Change the brush Size to about the size shown and make sure that the Level is set the highest level.
Draw a basic pillow shape, filling in the center.
Drag the Level indicator down one notch and draw an indentation shape (like someone just moved off the pillow). 

For a deeper indentation, drag the Level indicator down another notch and draw a smaller indentation inside the previous one. 

Change the grid size back to ‘128’ if you’d like 

Click on the check mark to
leave the Terrain Editor. 

Note: Do not lower the terrain in the terrain editor! You will end up with a small pillow and a huge boundary area. 

Very distracting in wireframe view.

Back in Wireframe view, click on the ‘A’ next to the pillow wireframe. 

For now, enter the Object Name, Rotation (1) and Size (2) shown (although you might want to spell pillow correctly). 

The Rotation amounts should rotate the pillow to match the greyscale pillow view in the Terrain Editor. 

Now click on the ‘M’ next to the pillow wireframe and choose a texture.

Render the pillow to see how it looks. The pillow shown would probably look better if only one level of indentation had been put in. 

If you’re lucky, the edge of the pillow might even look like cording around the seam.

See a finished pillow in the following images: (links will be updated once the images are re-uploaded to the galleries
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