Fantasizing Images

This tutorial shows how to turn a sharp, focused image into a glowing, fantasy-like mage in Paint Shop Pro (tutorial uses PSP7.04).
First, open the image and choose Layers -> Duplicate

Next choose Effects -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur …

Select a Radius setting of 7 and click on OK

Once you start using this, adjust the amount of Gaussian Blur to your own tastes.

Your image will look like this, but no worries.

(click on the image for a larger view)

Now, we’re going to change the layer properties, so choose Layer -> Properties

Set Blend mode to Screen

Set Opacity to 80

Click on OK

Again, as you use this, adjust the opacity to your liking.

Your image will look like this now:

(click on the image for a larger view)

Here’s a quick comparison of the original face and what we have now:
we’ve got a bit more work to do, so merge the layers then add some noise.

Select Effects -> Noise -> Add

Select a Noise amount of 7 and make sure that Uniform is selected and click on OK

Yes, I know, this looks a little blurry, but take a look at the full-sized image (link to be fixed later) and the images below and you’ll see the difference.

This technique can also be used in smaller amounts in order to get a softer look to your images.

Quick Comparison

Add additional effects if you wish:
  1. Copy the original image, paste as a new layer over the fantasized image and sharpen and darken the image a bit, then lower the opacity of the layer to allow the back layers to show through.

  2. Apply canvas or background effects to the final image.

  3. Have fun!