Month: December 2010

Marvelous Designer 2

An InDepth Review of Marvelous Designer 2   Marvelous Designer is a 3D clothing designer program for use in other programs, such as Maya, DAZ Studio, Poser, and more. In addition, it can be a valuable tool for clothing designers to use as a proof of concept for their designs, construction methods, fabric draping, and sizing. The software allows the… Read more →

Ajax EasyPose Whips

Whip It…. Whip It Good! An In Depth review of Ajax’s Twisted Visions’ EasyPose Whips Let’s get medieval and break out those whips, whether it’s flogging your serf or pulling that mace out of your enemies’ hand. Or perhaps you just want to be the ringmaster at the circus or maybe even the lion tamer? Vendor: AjaxProduct Page: EasyPose WhipsCurrent… Read more →

Ajax EasyPose Chains

That is the Sound of the Men… An In Depth review of Ajax’s Twisted Visions’ EasyPose Chains Chains by the inch or chains by the foot … Whether you’re securing that treasure trunk or have some nefarious scheme in mind, chains are the way to go. (Click image for larger version) Vendor: AjaxProduct Page: EasyPose ChainsCurrent Price: $25.00 (12/10/10) This… Read more →