Month: September 2010

Star Crossed Love Walkthrough

General Tips At the top of your screen is the Menu and Hint button. Across the bottom is your inventory purse, task list, trinket box, and diary. To use an item in your inventory, move the mouse over the purse and a fly-out screen will show up. Left-click on an item, then let up on the mouse, move it to… Read more →

Pastel Delight Receiving Blanket

    In 2005, I was part of an online group called All Crafts 4 Charity and this was one of the items I would make and donate. Several other members asked for the pattern so I contacted Caron and asked if I could put the pattern on my website for the group. They gave permission since it was from a… Read more →

Star Barrettes

I had sold a lot of these barrettes several years ago but not enough and had over 200 of them taking up space, so was quite happy to donate them to make some little girls happy with the sparklies. They were in all kinds of colors, blues, reds, yellows, greens, purples, pinks …. Read more →

Heirloom Baby Bonnets

I’ve made several of these bonnets in the last 18 or so years. They look especially sweet in white, but any color looks adorable. The pattern is from the April 1989 Leisure Arts The Magazine. Original design copyright 1989 by Leisure Arts. The pattern is not redistributable so I can’t send copies of it to anyone, so please don’t ask.… Read more →

Some time back, I was a member of an online group called All Crafts for Charity but was unable to keep up with the projects due to a recent move, new job, etc. The group does various projects to help those who need things such as preemie outfits, baby blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, etc. These items are sent to shelters,… Read more →

Exporting Textures from Bryce

Ever wanted to get textures out of Bryce? Of course you have! Well, there’s quite an easy way to do this so that you can use these textures in other programs. The textures won’t look exactly the same as they do in Bryce, but hey, experiment and see what happens. Create a terrain and click on the E button to… Read more →

A Quick Lighting Tutorial

This a quick tutorial on lighting in Bryce. It starts with the light setup I created using the settings from the default lights in Poser. It’s not a definitive guide and is certainly not very detailed. However, I hope it gets you started on using lighting successfully in Bryce to simulate radiosity and soft shadows. Download the light setup (Bryce… Read more →

Creating Castle Ruins

This tutorial is quite involved, so gather ye snacks while ye may. First of all, think of what a crumbling building or castle looks like.  There are pieces missing from the walls, overgrowth, stones litter the ground, some pieces may be shored up with bracing, there are holes where possibly a cannon ball or battering ram went through. With that… Read more →

Simple Trees and Bushes

Use this tutorial as a basis for creating your trees and bushes, you can probably do better that I did with these meager attempts. Create a symmetrical lattice. With the lattice selected, click on the arrow next to Edit and choose the ‘Foliage’ material, then click on the check mark to accept. Click on the ‘E’ button next to the… Read more →

Simple Billowing Curtain

This is a quick tutorial showing how to use the Terrain Editor in Bryce to create a simple billowing curtain. Create a terrain. With the terrain selected, click on the arrow next to Edit and choose the ‘White Metal’ material, then click on the check mark to accept. Click on the ‘E’ button next to the terrain to open the Terrain… Read more →