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More Drapery Examples

A few more examples of textures made using the PSP Mesh Warp tool and Jama 3D: Rotate the image Select the Mesh Warp tool, move the points around. (click on image for larger view) Results: Add hand painting to adjust shadows, folds, etc. And another one: (click on image for a larger view) After applying the Mesh Warp tool: (click… Read more →

Making a Drapery Swag using PSP Mesh Warp

Now that we’ve successfully made vertical hanging drapery, let’s make a swag. Create a new document, fill with white, and apply the Jama 3D filter.  This time, accept the default setting for the 1 Jalousie preset, which is horizontal folds. Select the Mesh Warp tool and again start moving the mesh points around to get the scallops. Don’t be afraid… Read more →

Making Drapery using PSP Mesh Warp

This is a tutorial on using the Mesh Warp Tool in PSP8 to create drapery. You’ll also need the Jama 3D Plugin from Redfield Plugins (freeware). I’ve also been told that Photo Paint has a similar tool called Mesh Warp that should allow you to do this as well. Photoshop also has a tool called Liquify that does something similar… Read more →