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Bringing the Clothing into Poser

Okay, now to get this thing into Poser. If you haven’t followed the previous tutorial on grouping the mesh and exporting it from C4D, click here to view it. You’ll need UVMapper in order to do this next step. Open the exported model in UVMapper. Go ahead and map the model while you’re here. One thing I like to do… Read more →

Exporting the Clothing from C4D

Okay, now that you’ve gotten your clothing item finished in C4D, it’s time to get it in to Poser. But first, there are a few steps that you need to take care of … well you can take care of them in different ways so you have a few choices. P.S. If you haven’t gone through the first part of… Read more →

Getting Figure Ready in C4D

This is a tutorial on getting clothing modeled in Cinema 4D into Poser. It won’t tell you how to model (I still need to keep a few secrets), just how to get them ready for Poser. In Poser, load the figure you’ll be doing clothing for, turn of IK for both legs, then export with the first, second, and fourth… Read more →