Category: Digital Art

Continuous Tubes in PSP

If you ever wanted to add things like lace on your images, you’ve probably realized that it’s a pain trying to piece bits of lace or even seams together to make it work. This tutorial will show you how to take a photo or scan of a section of lace, ribbon, elastic, etc., and turn it into a continuous tube… Read more →

Fantasizing Images

This tutorial shows how to turn a sharp, focused image into a glowing, fantasy-like mage in Paint Shop Pro (tutorial uses PSP7.04). First, open the image and choose Layers -> Duplicate Next choose Effects -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur … Select a Radius setting of 7 and click on OK Once you start using this, adjust the amount of Gaussian… Read more →

Colors Conversion Charts

Okay, so this isn’t really a tutorial, but haven’t you ever wanted to know how to convert an oil color or watercolor to digital color? I have, especially when I’m doing a digital painting based on a painting book. Anyway, I’ve come up with this listing.  Some of them I figured out myself by scanning in color swatches, but I… Read more →