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UVMapper Pro Preview in PSP

This tutorial will show you how to use UVMapper Pro in Paint Shop Pro as a Viewer. What this allows you to do is to modify a Poser or other 3D model texture map in PSP, then with a couple of key presses, immediately see how that texture will look on the model in UVMapper Pro. Photoshop tutorial for using… Read more →

Using Bryce Masks in PSP

This is a tutorial on using Bryce masks in Paint Shop Pro in order to modify certain sections of your rendered Bryce image without affecting other parts. Okay, here’s the original image. I need to kick up some sand under the octopus and texturize the octopus. In order to do this, I need two masks. One for the octopus only… Read more →

More Drapery Examples

A few more examples of textures made using the PSP Mesh Warp tool and Jama 3D: Rotate the image Select the Mesh Warp tool, move the points around. (click on image for larger view) Results: Add hand painting to adjust shadows, folds, etc. And another one: (click on image for a larger view) After applying the Mesh Warp tool: (click… Read more →

Making a Drapery Swag using PSP Mesh Warp

Now that we’ve successfully made vertical hanging drapery, let’s make a swag. Create a new document, fill with white, and apply the Jama 3D filter.  This time, accept the default setting for the 1 Jalousie preset, which is horizontal folds. Select the Mesh Warp tool and again start moving the mesh points around to get the scallops. Don’t be afraid… Read more →

Making Drapery using PSP Mesh Warp

This is a tutorial on using the Mesh Warp Tool in PSP8 to create drapery. You’ll also need the Jama 3D Plugin from Redfield Plugins (freeware). I’ve also been told that Photo Paint has a similar tool called Mesh Warp that should allow you to do this as well. Photoshop also has a tool called Liquify that does something similar… Read more →

Lace and Netting in PSP 7

Now that you know how to make continuous tubes in PSP, what if you want to use a piece of lace that has lots of little spaces and (gasp) netting? This tutorial will show you how to get rid of all those little spaces and get a not too bad piece of lace in Paint Shop Pro 7; PSP8 version… Read more →

Continuous Tubes in PSP

If you ever wanted to add things like lace on your images, you’ve probably realized that it’s a pain trying to piece bits of lace or even seams together to make it work. This tutorial will show you how to take a photo or scan of a section of lace, ribbon, elastic, etc., and turn it into a continuous tube… Read more →

Fantasizing Images

This tutorial shows how to turn a sharp, focused image into a glowing, fantasy-like mage in Paint Shop Pro (tutorial uses PSP7.04). First, open the image and choose Layers -> Duplicate Next choose Effects -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur … Select a Radius setting of 7 and click on OK Once you start using this, adjust the amount of Gaussian… Read more →