Category: Post-Processing

UVMapper Pro Preview in PSP

This tutorial will show you how to use UVMapper Pro in Paint Shop Pro as a Viewer. What this allows you to do is to modify a Poser or other 3D model texture map in PSP, then with a couple of key presses, immediately see how that texture will look on the model in UVMapper Pro. Photoshop tutorial for using… Read more →

Using Bryce Masks in PSP

This is a tutorial on using Bryce masks in Paint Shop Pro in order to modify certain sections of your rendered Bryce image without affecting other parts. Okay, here’s the original image. I need to kick up some sand under the octopus and texturize the octopus. In order to do this, I need two masks. One for the octopus only… Read more →

Fantasizing Images

This tutorial shows how to turn a sharp, focused image into a glowing, fantasy-like mage in Paint Shop Pro (tutorial uses PSP7.04). First, open the image and choose Layers -> Duplicate Next choose Effects -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur … Select a Radius setting of 7 and click on OK Once you start using this, adjust the amount of Gaussian… Read more →